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You Make My Head Spin...

Ramblings of a Random

25 January 1993
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I'm IcyWhisper, aka LoloPinky or just Lolo. I'm an 18 year old female and I love to game. I play a bunch of different genres and will give pretty much everything a go. Though my favourite is probably MMORPGS.

I also like to wastespend my time watching TV/films, listening to music, making graphics and a bit of reading on the side. Gaming is my all time favourite thing to do, other than spending time with my boyfriend, that is.

I don't bite (a lot of the time), so if you wanna add me, feel free - Just comment here first.

World of Warcraft Characters
Horde: Arathor EU
Lolopinky * Blood Elf Hunter * 85
Pusshe * Blood Elf Priest * 40
Ihiryuu * Undead Warrior * 29
Zhana * Blood Elf Paladin * 25
Mufasaa * Troll Druid * 21
Tenenbawm * Goblin Mage * 12

Aion Characters
Asmodian: Spatalos EU
Lolopinky * Ranger * 23

Elyos: Perento EU
Lolopinky * Warrior * 8
Amayah * Priest * 6

Xfire * Playfire * Raptr

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